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Prepare for the Future with RSP Solar!

Renewable energy is here to stay. It’s only going to become more and more popular as the years go by. Solar energy has become a proven solution for any home’s electrical needs. No more relying so heavily on your local electric provider. With an investment in solar, not only can you reduce your electric bill drastically, but you can even become fully self-sufficient! Learn more about RSP solar below and don’t hesitate to contact RSP if you have any questions. 

Green Energy Done Right

RSP is proud to be our community’s local provider of clean, renewable solar energy. Solar energy has been proven to come with incredible benefits such as tax incentives, energy savings, and the joy of a fully self-sustaining home. When you choose an RSP solar system you are choosing a professional team that is committed to providing you with clean energy, incredible savings, ultimate control over your energy, and increased home value. 

Types of Installations We Offer

RSP offers a wide range of trusted solar panels and systems, all with their own advantages. Our installers work closely with our customers to ensure we are finding the perfect solar solution for their homes. The systems we install include: 

  • Roof Mounts – The most well-known type of solar mount. A roof solar system is typically one of the least expensive forms of solar installation and is not as labor-intensive. A roof solar system utilizes the unused space on your roof.  
  • Ground Mounts – Ground mounts are much easier to maintain than roof systems, and have stronger racking. They are more versatile as the size of your roof is no longer a factor. Your panel temperatures will be lower, which may reduce the amount of damage your panels will sustain and have a higher output. 
  •  Tracking Mounts – Tracking mount systems come in many different forms to make them as efficient as possible. To receive the most amount of sun, your panels should be perpendicular to the sun. The system tracks the sun and moves accordingly.  
  • Solar Canopy Mounts – Solar canopies are similar to ground mounts, with solar canopies being taller to make room for a car or living area underneath. They are more efficient when it comes to using space compared to ground mounts and are more versatile. Some states even have incentives for solar canopies compared to ground mounts. 

How Does RSP Solar Work?

Once the panels are installed, sunlight will begin to be converted into electrical energy. The photons from the sun rays are collected in the panels and pushed through the system to create a DC or direct current, electrical current. Once converted to electricity, the DC current passes through a system called an inverter. The inverter transfers the DC current into an AC or alternating current, which can be used to power appliances. The AC current is then sent to the breaker panel. The now usable energy will be used to power the house, and send any excess energy back into the electric grid. The utility meter will take note of the energy sent back, and can provide you with tons of energy savings! The energy you do use can be used on any home appliance you would need, from lights to fridges, to microwaves, and more. Solar is an investment that pays for itself, many solar users actually produce excess energy, which rewards you with credit by giving back to the grid!

Why Choose RSP for Solar?

RSP is far from an average solar provider. RSP can customize your entire system to fit your lifestyle and home. If you need solar installed, RSP can get it done! All we need is your name, address, and your last 12 months of utility bills (learn how to get that information here) Once we have the information, RSP will build out a completely custom report, featuring what you are currently paying and how much you will save (or earn) depending on the system you chose. RSP will always be available to answer your calls. We understand how frustrating it can be to not get the help you need, which is why we take communication seriously. We will review any quotes you get from other solar companies and happily provide more insight, down to the math. We are a local company that is always there to service what we install. If you need a long-term solar partner in your area, there is no better option than RSP solar. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does installation take? 

On average the installation of a ground system takes about one to two days, and the roof mount takes one to three. Once installed the utility provider will need to give approval and the time for that to be completed will vary. 


When is the best time to buy solar? 

Right now actually! In the United States, the tax incentives for solar is at the best they have ever been. With these incentives comes a lower overall cost for solar, that we have never seen before. As solar gets more popular we can expect these tax incentives to lessen, making now the hottest time to get into solar. 


Will Cold Weather Impact the System? 

Based on your type of panel, power output, and wattage, cold weather can actually increase your panel’s output. Solar panels can still generate power in snowfall, and sometimes even have improved performance in cold weather. 


Have More Questions? 

If you have any more questions regarding solar, or are interested in getting your own system, contact the expert team at RSP today! We would be happy to talk with you about your needs and make suggestions about what solar system would work best for you and your home!


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